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NED - David 'Squatch' Ward

PremEARed Jan. 18th, 1999. Its been through 2 fantastic seasons. Right now, So Weird is in its 3rd season. A 4th season is not in the future unfortunately unless we can convince Disney not to cancel the show. A 'So Weird' movie is not going to be made as of right now. I'm not sure what the reason is, but Disney may make one in 2 years or so. They're seeing if they can get a 'bigger/new fanbase' or something, since new viewers keep coming to the channel. Keep writing Disney and tell them we want a movie with Cara DeLizia as Fiona Phillips and Alexz Johnson as AnnieThelen. If the 'So Weird' Movie gets a big enough response, maybe Disney will do a 4th season. As of now, I do not know if the movie will be a feature film or a Disney Original movie (most likely the second one though), I'll keep ya'all posted whenever some valid information comes my way :).  Keep watching 'So Weird'!

*Update* Status of 'SW' Movie has changed from 'not gonna happen' to 'maybe' Keep your fingers crossed peeps!


So Weird FanFiction (NOT by me!)
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Lyrics for the songs from the show.

Credited cast overview:
Cara DeLizia ....  Fiona Phillips (1999-2000)
Mackenzie Phillips ....  Molly Phillips
Patrick Levis ....  Jack Phillips
Erik von Detten ....  Clu Bell (1999-2000)  (2000-2001)
Belinda Metz ....  Irene Bell
Dave 'Squatch' Ward ....  Ned Bell
Eric Lively ....  Carey Bell (2000-)
rest of cast listed alphabetically
Alexz Johnson ....  Annie Thelen (2000-2001)

Also Known As:
"Too Weird" (1998) (USA: working title)
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color

Guest-Stars on the show
Full Cast and Crew
Company Credits
Release Dates

Memorable Quotes:

Bricriu: The problem with you mortals is the limited lifespan. Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush... less than a century to get things done!

Fiona: If you want to know the truth, you can't be afraid to think outside the box.

Birthdays of SW Characters:
· Fi 2/10/85
· Jack 8/20/83
· Clu 12/31/81
· Carey 10/14/80
· Molly 7/5/59
· Rick 4/22/58 (died 9/15/88)
· Irene 1/4/60
· Ned 5/19/57
· Annie ???

· Other dates:
· Molly and Rick were married on Sept. 16th, 1978 at St. Fulrad's Catholic
Church in Hollywood, Ca.  Sept. 16th is also the date Fi got an email direct
from her father in "Web Sight" - it's a recurring date.
· Irene and Ned married were married 6/30/79 (they met when PKB was formed,
the previous year)
· Molly quit writing jingles in January, 1998
· Molly started the current tour June, 1998
Season 1 (1998-1999)
(13 Episodes In Season 1)

   1.Family Reunion (Originally Aired 1/18/1999)
   2.Web Sight (Originally Aired 1/18/1999)
   3.Memory (Originally Aired 1/25/1999)
   4.Sacrifice (Originally Aired 2/1/1999)
   5.Escape (Originally Aired 2/8/1999)
   6.Simplicity (Originally Aired 2/15/1999)
   7.Angel (Originally Aired 2/22/1999)
   8.Strangeling (Originally Aired 3/1/1999)
   9.Rebecca (Originally Aired 3/15/1999)
  10.Tulpa (Originally Aired 3/29/1999)
  11.Singularity (Originally Aired 4/5/1999)
  12.Lost (Originally Aired 4/12/1999)
  13.Will O' The Wisp (Originally Aired 4/19/1999)

Season 2 (1999-2000)

(26 Episodes In Season 2)

  14.Medium (Originally Aired 8/27/1999)
  15.Drive (Originally Aired 9/3/1999)
  16.Siren (Originally Aired 9/10/1999)
  17.Nightmare (Originally Aired 9/17/1999)
  18.Listen (Originally Aired 9/24/1999)
  19.Mutiny (Originally Aired 10/1/1999)
  20.Boo (Originally Aired 10/8/1999)
  21.Werewolf (Originally Aired 10/15/1999)
  22.Second Generation (Originally Aired 10/22/1999)
  23.Oopa (Originally Aired 11/5/1999)
  24.Banshee (Originally Aired 11/12/1999)
  25.Strange Geometry (Originally Aired 11/19/1999)
  26.Fountain (Originally Aired 12/10/1999)
  27.Fall (Originally Aired 1/7/2000)
  28.Destiny (Originally Aired 1/21/2000)
  29.Blues (Originally Aired 2/11/2000)
  30.Avatar (Originally Aired 2/25/2000)
  31.James Garr (Originally Aired 3/17/2000)
  32.Troll (Originally Aired 4/1/2000)
  33.Fathom (Originally Aired 4/22/2000)
  34.Roswell (Originally Aired 5/6/2000)
  35.Vampire (Originally Aired 5/20/2000)
  36.Shelter (Originally Aired 6/3/2000)
  37.Encore (Originally Aired 6/24/2000)
  38.Transplant (Originally Aired 8/19/2000)
  39.Twin (Originally Aired 8/19/2000)

Season 3 (2000-2001)

(26 Episodes In Season 3)

  40.Lightning Rod (Originally Aired 8/28/2000)
  41.Talking Board (Originally Aired 9/7/2000)
  42.Detention (Originally Aired 9/14/2000)
  43.Eddie's Desk (Originally Aired 9/21/2000)
  44.Voodoo (Originally Aired 9/28/2000)
  45.Banglebye (Originally Aired 10/5/2000)
  46.Rewind (Originally Aired 10/12/2000)
  47.Exit 13 (Originally Aired 10/19/2000)
  48.Carnival (Originally Aired 11/2/2000)
  49.Earth 101 (Originally Aired 11/9/2000)
  50.Beeing There (Originally Aired 11/16/2000)
  51.Changeling (Originally Aired 12/7/2000)
  52.Snapshot (Originally Aired 12/14/200)
  53.Still Life (Originally Aired 12/21/2000)
  54.Grave Mistake (Originally Aired 3/2/2001)
  55.Pen Pal (Originally Aired 3/16/2001)
  56.The Muse (Originally Aired 4/6/2001)
  57.The Great Incanto (Originally Aired 5/4/2001)
  58.Meow (Originally Aired 5/11/2001)
  59.Widow's Walk (Originally Aired 6/8/2001)
  60.Babel (Originally Aired 6/29/2001)
  61.Gone Fishin' (Originally aired 8/10/2001)
  62.Mr. Magnetism (Originally aired 8/17/2001)
  63.Dead Ringer (Originally aired 8/24/2001)
  64.Annie's Song (Originally aired 9/7/2001)
  65.The River (Originally aired 9/28/2001)

Original Season 3:

the "original" season 3 [Yahoo! Clubs: So Wierd Clubhouse]

what happened was the exec producers(jon cooksey, larry sugar, ali marie matheson, alec griffeth, henry winkler, michelle davis) pitched their season 3 ideas, but Disney didn't like them.

In the original Season 3, Fi would continue her search for her father and the truth.

"Twin" would have ended with the 3-headed creature pushing Rick off the edge of the building, leaving Fi with more sadness

Then Season 3 would have lots of things. Jack would start having flashbacks to a castle(the one Fi was in in "Banshee"), and it turns out he would have been a knight in a previous life. Fi would contact Rebecca, and it turns out Rebecca KNEW the knight that Jack was, and she helped Fi and Jack figure out about the flashbacks.

Fi would get possesed by Bricriu, the Wisp, and Molly's brother, a priest, would have 2 exorcise her.

And like u said, the Wisp would have been a double agent, working for Evil and the N/X, but leaves Evil(the group that hates Fi) because they have no sense of humor.

Fi would meet an alien.

In the final episode, it would be a much bigger, better finale(in my opinion). Fi would have to fight Evil, something that Rick would have done, but they killed him first. She would then bring Rick back from the dead, for compensation for taking him before his time.

Disney thought this was a little too-risky for a kid's channel (the exorcism, Fi going 2 hell in the last ep, etc), Fi/Cara and Jon/Ali mutually agreed to move onto other projects.

If disney didn't buy the show and some other company did, and they sticked w/ the original season 3 (w/ fi), the show would go on 'til it got cancelled in ep. 65, Fi would bring Rick back, no matter what. but if it did go on more than 65 eps, evil would come back and take rick again, and most of season 4 (or maybe later seasons) would take place in a totally different dimension, focusing on Fi searching for Rick.

Alexz Johnson
Eric 'N' Erik


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