Rebecca moves across the world
She’s a scirocco on the sand
She is the Nile that flows forever
Cutting a wound across the land
She’ll be your friend before you know her
She’ll have your trust before it’s earned
But like any nomad she will wander
Breaking the hearts of all concerned

History clouds what we remember
The one you wanted her to be
Mystery shrouds her like an island
But it’s an island in a lonely sea
Oh, Rebecca
Oh, Rebecca

I was thirteen going on forty
Wasting my summer on the beach
Burned on the outside, raw in the middle
That Molly’s just too hard to reach
But Rebecca moved in, she moved me
The best friend I’d ever had
And then one day she went away
Didn’t think I’d ever feel that bad

Where did you go?
Why did you lie?
Why did you leave without saying goodbye?
How ‘bout the promise
That you made me?
Was it really so easy to trade me
For another town
Another friend
Another beginning without any end…

So many times I would’ve called you
If I’d had your number in my hand
You were the one I would’ve turned to
When things didn’t go the way I’d planned
I never got a chance to tell you
Things didn’t go the way I’d planned...

History clouds what I remember
The one I wanted her to be
Mystery shrouds her like an island
Does she still remember me?
My life is like a turnstile
So many strangers passing through
There’ve been more than I can number
But I still remember you
Oh, Rebecca
Oh, Rebecca