Who's That Babe?
(TeenMag : 4-15-2000)

Full name: Eric Lively
Birth date: July 31 (Leo)
Hometown: He was born in Atlanta, Ga., and raised in the San Fernando Valley in California.
Dating status: Single
Fave movie: Breaking the Waves
Fave actor/actress: Emily Watson
Fave bands: Garbage and Nirvana
Fave TV show: So Weird (of course!)
Fave color: A unique shade of lime green
Fave food: Tony Roma's BBQ ribs
Hobbies: Playing guitar and piano

How You Know Him:
Eric plays guitar-strumming cutie Carey Bell on So Weird, the Disney Channel's hit show about the paranormal. He also appeared in last summer's hit flick American Pie as the choir boy who loses out to Chris Klein's Casanova. And if you have a superlong memory, you might recognize him as Stephanie's boyfriend from Full House.

Why So Weird's So Right:
"I love music so much and I can play music and be on stage as Carey, with my leather pants and fans clapping for me-it's the ultimate rock star fantasy."

Scooping His Scope:
"I'm definitely a Leo, 'cause I love the spotlight. Every time I read a magazine with a horoscope, it'll say something like, 'Tomorrow you're going to trip on this street,' and it happens! Maybe it's a little self-fulfilling, but they always come true."

Science Scare:
"I swallowed the eye of a scorpion once on a dare in eighth grade biology. I started feeling nauseous, and I saw the bottle said "Poison" on it, so I went to the teacher and asked him what would happen if I accidentally ate one. He looked at me funny and told me I'd probably die. I think he was kidding, but it wasn't funny to me. I ended up throwing up."

Free Agent:
"I don't have a girlfriend right now. We just broke up, but we're great friends. It's just so difficult to date when I'm living in Vancouver [where So Weird is filmed]. Am I looking for one? Well, I don't think you should really look for love. I think it finds you."

His Type:
"I like girls with personality. You know who I think seems really cool? Drew Barrymore and Heather Graham. They just seem to have this kind of light, open attitude."

First Kiss:
"It was with my girlfriend at the time. Her name's Erin, and now she's on a Nickelodeon show." [Hmm...maybe Erin J. Dean from The Journey of Allen Strange?] "We went to junior high together, and she taught me how to kiss. After she broke up with me, no one else seemed to kiss right."