Wonderfully Weird - from: My Cara Delizia Fan Page

Most of us dream having one killer  dream talent, but two of 'em would take the cake!

Alexz Johnson knows what that tastes like. And as the star of so weird, disney channel's rockin' paranormal half hour drama on Monday - Thursday at 5pmEST. Alexz gets to show off both her acting and musical talents.  Here's the dish:

Vital Stats: born  November 4th 1986 in new Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Alexz is the sixth of 10 (yep 10) kids.
Previous gigs: Commercials, short films and TV pilots "I've also been involved with the music industry and have recently completed a demo CD.  I hope I  get a recording contract!"
Alexz on Annie: "(my character) Annie Thelen is a spunky, confident teenager who comes to live with the Phillips family in order to pursue her dreams as a singer/songwriter.  I was attracted to her because she's exactly like me."
Friend Factor: " My friends absolutely watch So Weird. They love the show because of the cute guys (Erik Von Detten, Eric Lively and Patrick Levis), Lucky me!"
Idol Chatter: " I would love to be like Barbara Streisand, a successful recording artist and actress! That would be wicked!"