Sound files:

Never Give Up (Rewind Version) - coming soon.
Never Give Up (Spunkie's Remix)

Alex's Demo songs: Dream about you, Sunshine Reigns, Wish upon a star.

One in a Million World.
One in a Million World (clip from end of 'Detention) - coming next update
'Cause Your Watching Over Me (Full Length Version)
'Cause Your Watching Over Me (Spunkie's Remix)
What You Do (Annie Version) - coming soon
Everything (Feels like new) - coming soon
Everything (Feels Like New) 2 (Acapella)
Dream About You ('Carnival' Version)
Dream About You (Promo Verison) - coming soon

Annie Video Clips:(provided by - let me know if some don't work.

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Clip 1 Clip 8
Clip 2 Clip 9
Clip 3 Clip 10
Clip 4 Clip 11
Clip 5 Clip 12
Clip 6 Clip 13
Clip 7 Clip 14

Express Yourself Commercials
Commercial 1 - Alexz's Solo Commercial
Commercial 2
Commercial 3
Commercial 4
Commercial 5

Other Commercials
Behind the Scenes - Snapshot
Introducing Alexz Johnson
Fiona and Annie