Hey everyone!!! Thanks to all of you for checking out my website! I never knew I had so many fans. I will try to respond to all of you that have left messages...but life is crazzzzy busy. 

Yes, that waz me at the Universal Walk on the weekend of January 13th! I was down in L.A. to do some promo work, and had a chance to see some of the cast members of "So Weird". It was a BLAST! I even felt a small earthquake! A real L.A. welcome!!!

Got to meet with a fabulous producer, C.J. Vanstan, and am hoping I get to work with him. I have got new music management, and things are on a roll...uphill, of course!

I have a feature article coming out in Billboard Magazine, about my success on Broadband Talent, an internet site for artists around the world. This is very exciting, as all the big record labels read this magazine....and I am still looking for a recording contract!

I will be hosting a talent show in Nashville, Tennessee, in April and will also be performing a new song, I'll keep you posted!

In the mean time, I keep working on writing music with my brother Brendan, school, working out....and having fun!!

Love to all, and I'll talk to you again soon.

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( to Michael, Yahoo! Clubs: So Wierd Clubhouse).

Hi there!

 Yep, So Weird is going into syndication, so this is the last season forSo Weird, but guess what? I have a scoop for you. There is a definate green light for a So Weird Movie.....You can send stuff to me through Disney Channel. I can't give my home address, not because of you, but because ofweirdo's,,,,,you know...some people are SO WEIRD. So....the address is 3800 West Alameda Avenue Burbank California 91505.

(To Emma, Yahoo! Clubs: So Wierd Clubhouse).

Hey Emma,

You need to have an agent, and when a part comes along on So Weird, you can audition for it ... if they are looking for someone like u. That's it. My bro Matt was on the episode The Muse, and he plays Mac's muse on the show. He is an amazing actor!!!!! Disney didn't even know he was my brother!!! 

Keep watching

i emailed alexz about the 4th season and here's what she wrote back:

Hey Terri, Well, if it's true, they better let me know, if I'm to be in it.
LOL I haven't heard anything, but there is a green light for a feature film,
which is exciting, A SO WEIRD MOVIE!

 I have just completed my brand-new Demo in Los Angeles at C.J. Vanstan's studio in Hollywood, California. My Manager is shopping my demo to all the record labels, and we are very excited at the positive response that I am getting with my music. 

So all my fans out there must start praying with me that this dream comes true, so that I can get my music to you as soon as possible.

I just returned from Nashville at Easter, and had a Blast!!!!! I attended the KIDZ FAIR with SHAWN ASHMORE, of "IN A HEARTBEAT". Did I see you there? Shawn and I must have signed a million autographs, and we got to meet soooooo many fans. It was great! We had lunch at Planet Hollywood with some local radio station contest winners, and also visited the hospital there in Nashville with the famous "AIR BUD". You do know the famous air-bud dog, don't you? He is so sweet, and the tricks he does are amazing! I also got to sing and perform some of my new songs, and "host" a talent show with Shawn.

Thanks to everyone in Nashville that made my visit so much fun! I hope I get there again.

So, to change the subject, I have had many of you e-mailing me lately, and sounding kind of angry that I don't get back to you right away. Please understand that I can't answer all my e-mails, but I really do try. So I need you to understand that O.K.? ? It is hard to keep up with them when I have two careers, acting and singing, and trying to get an education. On top of that, I have been to L.A. and Nashville in the last two months. PHEW!!!!!!

Sooooo, just to answer some of your questions on the e-mails...

For fun I like to:

go to movies, oh ya!!!!!

hang with friends.

shop for clothes and make-up,

work-out (swim, basketball, running),

write music with my bro

my favorite color is...probably blue, and I like red a lot.

my favorite stuff right now in my closet sister's vintage Harley Davidson belt, my new Vintage Blouse with flower's embroidered on it, my earl jeans, my diamond earrings (a gift from Mackenzie Philips), and my wear-everywhere lucky buckskin boots.....which I wear everywhere, of course!!!!!

I don't have a boyfriend yet, but I'm having a great time looking!!!!


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Hi everybody!!!!!!! I haven't been off the planet for the last few months, just really busy, trying to get caught up with school and various other projects. 

In August, Ashley Partyka, who runs my official fan club, came out to visit me for a week! It was a great time, shopping, going to movies, filming home videos, and getting to know each other better. My other good friends Jesse Haddock and Brittney Irvin hung out with us too. Katie Ward came up from Tampa, Florida to visit me also!

I was supposed to be flying to L.A. to meet with a record lable on September 11th, but of course we ended up not going because of the tragedy. I think these last few months have made us all look at things differently. It is really important to me now, more than ever, that my music reflect my own direction, and therefore I have been more involved with writing with my brother, and wanting to be a recording artist with some really solid material, and not be looked at as some bubble-gum pop singer. 

I turned 15 on November 4th. I had a great birthday with all my friends. They came back to my house for a sleep-over, face-masks and all! 

Christmas was a blast, with our home full of family and friends. Since then, I have been working really hard on my school work, ranking in A's. "So Weird" got me behind in a couple subjects, so there comes a point when you just have to do it!! #%*$# AAAHHH!!! 

I have been auditioning the last couple of months, and I was almost cast for a part, but the WB cancelled the project!! But that's okay, because I am having fun doing my music, and I will be down in L.A. in February, doing another demo and of course, being available for pilot season! The universe is unfolding as it should:) 

I hope all is fine with you, and you are pursuing your dreams, whatever they may be. I'll let you know when any more newz comes along! Take care always! 

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